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Brief organization’s history and description of Association for Junior Faculty Development

The public Association of “Association for Junior Faculty Development”  (AJFD)  was found on 29th of March of 2010, it was registered on 30th of April of 2010  in Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic. The main purpose of our public association is to increase young people's interest in science and education and to provide research on international education opportunities and support members in the process of getting an education abroad. 

AJFD  has a well-developed network within Azerbaijan, which included OSF NY, Youth Foundation, The Ministry of Youth and Sports, Lenkaran State University, Azerbaijan University, Firat University in Turkey, ANAS Education USA network,  American Councils, IREX, AAA-US educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association, British Council, DAAD, CRRC – Caucasus Resource and Research Center .

The AJFD is continuously organizing seminars, workshops, and conferences in Azerbaijan. In addition to organization development, AJFD stresses the personal development of its members.

For 6 years now, AJFD has been assisting its individual and institution members detailed information about research, education programs and scholarship opportunities abroad. AJFD is open for everybody and all AJFD advising activities are free of charge, this is crucial especially for students from low-income families. 

AJFD Mission: to promote research and increase international academic mobility between Azerbaijan and other countries, to participate in the Azerbaijani higher education reform and promote the value of international dimension in research.

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